September 18, 2021

Masjidal mukarramah

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Four matches to kickstart your CSGO Bets on Monday June 14

For this round of CSGO predictions, we found a couple of solid predictions that have an excellent chance of landing. Even though the best CSGO teams in the world are currently on a break, these bets will for sure give you a chance to end up in profit.

Our selections are from the following two tournaments:  Funspark ULTI and ESEA Premier Europe, while the odds are courtesy of Betway Esports.


Over at Funspark ULTI, we have three matches worthy of attention. First up, ENCE and HAVU are kicking off the playoffs and we have a very clear favorite in ENCE. When it comes to map selections, ENCE is still the better team across the board even though they tanked a lot of matches as of late.

An added bonus for ENCE is the recent benching of Jemi for HAVU, and they will field a stand-in for the match. Either way we are looking for a clean win for ENCE.